Our Story

Being intimately connected with the water throughout our lives and knowing there are so many families like our own, we wanted to create a brand that would help support the restoration and preservation of our waterways and shorelines.

Elsie & Zoey is a coastal brand that was named after our daughters. We want to provide our family, your family, and future generations with the same joy and happiness that comes from being on the water. Naming this brand after our daughters serves as our constant reminder of the importance of cleaning and protecting our lakes, streams, and oceans.

Designed to be comfortable, fun, and fashionable, Elsie & Zoey also stands as a catalyst for change. Our mission is to support charities, organizations, and projects that directly work towards protecting, preserving, and restoring our waterways and keeping our shorelines clear of waste. Elsie & Zoey’s commitment is to donate a portion of our proceeds that help support these efforts whether it involves direct participation, education, or fundraising. Proper recycling is important. Our motto, “what you put in you take out” is about properly disposing all waste, and we encourage our retailers to do the same. We want you to be a part of this as much as we are.

Thank you for your support and commitment to preserving and restoring our environment!